Long Healthy Life

Long Healthy Life.

Can you remember the last time you used a drug? If you are young, it could be way back, while people of advanced age use drugs more often depending on their health status. Swallowing such drugs has been such a norm that many do not know of other means of dealing with illnesses and conditions without necessarily using drugs.

Some people in their seventies have admitted to have not had any health conditions or illnesses and they can hardly remember the last time they had any condition, not even the flu.

We could do without drugs by avoiding practices that lead to devastating health conditions. The Pharmaceuticals Industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. At any one time, there are millions of people swallowing drugs. It could be a pain killer, antibiotic, muscle relaxant, etc, they all contribute to the massive industry of minting millions from the sick. We can’t do without drugs as they are known to be the most effective ways of assisting in healing, yet there is more than one way of initiating healing.

Moreover, many possess very little knowledge on medicine and pharmacy that they rely on mere trust in medics believing that their choice of drugs for them are correct, professional, and intended to help. When we are sick, we rarely care about the side effects of drugs we use, we only want to get back to our lives again. Some drugs have worse effects on the body than healing and for this reason, some have been used for some time only to be withdrawn from the market later.

Some painkillers have such crazy side effects that they relieve pain by sending collapsing the nervous systems or intercepting the relay of stimuli to the brain. You may have wondered why whenever you visit a doctor, you have to pay for a consultation. This simply means that your doctor is paid for simply sharing information about your good health habits, practices, or routines that could be listed to you. Other tests done on patients to determine their progress or status like blood pressure check, sugar level, or weight are only a small fraction of what you pay as the consultation.

Many doctors therefore may not let you know of their own practices, lifestyle, and routines that prevent them from getting sick. If such advice is given in bits, patients will keep flocking to the doctor`s office paying consultation fees every time. So today we review important tips that would reduce your visits to the doctor by a great fraction, improve your health and reduce your chances of swallowing drugs.

Eat a lot of Roughage


Roughage Food

For better metabolism, half of your plate should be full of greens vegetables like kale, cabbages,  spinach, collard greens, lettuce, carrots,broccoli,etc Roughage lowers risks of stroke, heart diseases, diabetes, colon diseases, and skin roughness. Roughage is sourced from plant-based foods like fruits, grains, vegetables, nuts and beans. Roughage cannot be broken down by the body in a soluble manner. Roughage helps to manage weight by increasing the volume of food eaten to fill the stomach while making sure that the digested part of the food is minimal enough to reduce the addition of sugar that is later converted to fatty acids and glycerol.

Reduce Fat Intake

We often use oils and fats to cook, fry and roast. Food tastes better when it has a sizeable portion of oil used in the preparation. The fat eaten together with food is directly absorbed into the body for storage. The fat is usually stored in different tissues of the body like the tummy. Most people with protruding tummies have such fat stored in their bellies.  The most dangerous fat is stored in the blood vessels mostly the arteries. Such fat coats the walls of the arteries and increases blood pressure. Effects of increased blood pressure in the body are many and detrimental to health.

Control Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is a content in coffee and tea that causes addiction to both. it is used in some painkillers and some energy drinks. Caffeine is absorbed into the blood where it inhibits oxygen delivery by red blood cells to the tissues. For better health, take a lot of water. A great percentage of food we eat is absorbed by the use of water. It refreshes the tissues of the body and helps to remove toxins from the body through sweat, such sweat removes excess salts and minerals.

Exercise Daily

Making the body sweat daily by exercising helps the body break down excess fats stored in different tissues. Such fat is used as energy when you work out, without exercise such fat is continually stored on the belly and around some organs. Exercise reduces the risk of getting some heart diseases and heart attacks. Stretching after every hour of work eliminates chances of getting diseases related to a sedentary lifestyle.

Reduce Intake of Alcohol


All alcoholic drinks bear a warning indicating that excessive intake of alcohol may lead to liver cirrhosis. Such is a condition that breaks down the liver eventually making it unable to release enzymes for breakdown of food. The liver has many functions among them being the production of plasma a blood component, production of bile, which helps remove waste digestion of fats, the liver removes harmful substances. Alcohol absorbs a lot of water from the body making it dehydrated.

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