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Denzel Washington Biography and Wiki

Denzel Washington is an American Actor, producer, and a great influencer with a great following in the Movies production industry. Denzel has a collection of awards ranging from NAACP image Awards to Best Supporting Actor. He has been described by many as a dignified, graceful, humane, and outstanding Actor. He was rated as the Greatest Actor of the 21st Century by New York Times.

Denzel Washington Age

Denzel was born on December 28th, 1954. He turned 66 yrs old this December yet he looks barely 40 now. Denzel was born in New York to his mother Lennis and Father Denzel Hayes. His Lennis owned a beauty parlor as Hayes worked for New York City Water Department.

Denzel schooled at Tennington Games Elementary School form 1968. Hayes and Lynne divorced when Denzel was 14 where he was sent to Oakland Military Academy, New York. Changing to Oakland Military Academy is a decision that really changed Denzel’s life for the better, he says that many of his buddies then ended up in prison.

Denzel Washington Education Background

Denzel attended Mainland High School, Florida in 1970. Later Denzel attended Forddham University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in rama and Journalism. A colleague suggested that Denzel should try acting while in a camping talent show for staff where Denzel worked as a Creative Arts Director in Sloane YMCA in Connecticut. Denzel studied acting at Lincoln Center Campus and American Conservatory Theater in California that made him a professional actor.

Denzel Washington Career

In 1976, Denzel performed Wings of the Morning at St Marys City, Maryland. Denzel made his screen acting debut in 1977 made for Wilma- a television film called Wilma, he appeared for the first time in Hollywood in 1981 in a film labeled “Carbon Copy “. Denzel’s career break was after he starred in the hospital drama by Dr. Phillip Chandler for NBC St. Elsewhere. The drama film ran for six years from 1982 to 1988. 

He received a nomination for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor after he starred a South African anti-apartheid political film Cry Freedom, which he later won after portraying an ex-slave soldier in a film called Glory. In 1992, Denzel performed in a critically acclaimed role as a black nationalist leader in a film called Malcolm X earning him another nomination for the Academy Award for the Best Actor. Denzel established his own Production Company named Mundy Lane Entertainment.

In 2000 Denzel received a Golden Globe Award and a Silver Bear Award at Berlin International Film Festival for the role of a boxer in the Hurricane film. He won an Academy Award for the Best Actor for a training day thriller for his role as a corrupt cop Detective Alonzo Harris. Denzel enjoyed being the first black actor to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor since Sidney Poltier. His first film to direct was in 2002, it was a drama labeled Antwone Fisher at the box office.

Denzel has been a successful actor in a series of thrillers from 2002 to 2006, they include The Manchurian Candidate, Out of Time, Man on Fire, Inside Man, and others. The Book of Eli was a hit movie that Denzel starred in 2010, it was a post-apocalyptic action-drama. Serving The Society Denzel has participated in several community service activities out of his own will while some appointments were due to his good nature.

Milestones In Denzel`s Life

Washinton got married to Pearson in 1983 and he is blessed with four children. John David, Katia, and twins Olivia and Malcolm. Denzel and Pauleta Pearson renewed their marriage vows in 1995 with Desmond Tutu to officiate. Denzel has been raised as a devoted Christian and has always wanted to be a preacher.

Denzel was a Spokesman For Boys Girls Clubs America. He was also a Board member for the same school from 1995. New York Elemenr=tary School is named after him. Denzel took part in Purple Heart- a ceremony of handing medals to soldiers recovering wounds from War In Iraq. He donated to Fisher House Foundation a handsome amount when he realized that the school had outrun its capacity.

He has donated to Nelson Mandela`s Fund for Children and other colleges.
A group for Revolution In Colombia named three people who would negotiate for the release of three contractors captivated, among the three mentioned was Denzel, the contractors had been held from 2003-2008. An honorary doctorate was given to him from Fordham University, for succeeding in his talent.

His take on Fake News

Denzel says that ‘If you don’t read the newspaper you are not informed while if you read it, you are misinformed.’ He says that news reporters do not care about the trueness of their news, they just put it out there for sales.’ He says that we live in a society where nobody cares and he seems to teach every journalist who interviews him a thing or two every time.

His Take On Racism

Dezel has listed several incidents of his encounter with racism, he once related of an incident when he wanted to see his wife when she was having a show In Boston when security said that Denzel was a pimp and his wife a prostitute and he was not allowed to stay in the room.  Being interviewed by a journalist about racism and crime recently, Dezel responded that when one is brought up by the streets, the judge becomes his mother and the prison becomes a home for them.  

Denzel Washington Networth

Have you been wondering how rich is Denzel, According to our research, he has an estimated net worth of  $ 250 million

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